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PhIlLy ChEeSe 03-26-2013 06:04 AM

HP G62-367 DX TIM'S/Fan replacement
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I thought I'd post this up here, I know you guru's like to tinker(I only WISH I could like some of you do!!). Well here's to show you that so do I, my cuzing had a sound coming from her fan on the mainboard. I took my time, got the replacement fan and did the TIM'S while I was in there.
I maybe should run some scores with it for da team :taunt:

Here we go a step by step HOW TO Again this is a HP Lappy model number "HP G62-367dv", :Hi:
First you got to open her up, remove battery and all screws inside the compartment. Next remove the memory cover and hard drive covers as well.

Next the WIFI card, disconnect the snap in connections to it. Remove the screw and remove it. Remove the memory, keeping them in the order they came out. While your at it, the harddrive has three scews and a dongle. Remove the screws unplug the dongle and remove HD.
Next remove ALL remaining underside screws, again I set them in order of removal. Flip it over face up and the keyboard is the next thing removed, it has to relase from the top then the bottom slides upwards towards the screen. Release the DIN wire cable connected underneath the keyboard(there is a snap relase). The top cover of the Lappy will release with a lil upward pressure, or you can use a credit card along the edges to release the snaps.
Now there is one screw(I use a Sharpie to mark the hole) and three plug in flat cables that need unplugging.

Now there are four flat cables connected to the mainboard and three screws(again I mark them with a shapie).(ill stop here for editing) then continue........

PhIlLy ChEeSe 03-26-2013 06:12 AM

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Now the motherboard(mainboard) is ready to come out, you need to pull it up from the narrow side first(CPU side last) and sorta twist it a lil bit. WALA no mo mainboard......

Next remove the HSF from the motherboard with three scews, im here to replace the FAN for the CPU but I'll do the TIM'S while I'm here. as you can see in the photos the factory GOPS it on there, so much so i'm surprised it didn't short out(unless its none conductive)!
You all know what to do here, clean and remove old TIM'S with 90% Alcohol. Watch your fingers as I've gotten tims on them then touched the wrong thing and poof no more powa!!
I used a old tooth brush dipped in the alcohol to remove anything around the chips surrounding the CPU,also did the GPU as well same way.

PhIlLy ChEeSe 03-26-2013 06:34 AM

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I'm here to replace the CPU fan, three micro screws and its done........... Now just put everything back lol! :laughing: Three screws back in the motherboard where you marked the holes with a sharpie, plug flat DIN cables back in.Finish panel goes back over mainboard, plug cables in.I used pompressed air to clean food out of the keyboard assembly, insert the DIN cale into locking plastic fitting, slide keyboard back in(snap it down into place). Flip it OVA, again I keep all scews in the order they were removed. Insert all the surrounding screws on the backside of Lappy(none in the compartments YET). I use an erasier to clean the contacts on the memory, then blow it off with air. WIFI card screw and snap on wires, then the hard drive goes in. Plug snap in plug then three scews for the HD hold down. Both covers on, only thing left is the screws from the Battery opening. I wait to replace them frist i power the unit up make sure EVERYTHING IS WORKING!! Then i power down put in battery compartment screws.
BOOM, fire it up and see..........

PhIlLy ChEeSe 03-26-2013 06:35 AM

MODS if you wanna clean this up, or I can latter.......... Thanks!

Witchdoctor 03-26-2013 07:36 AM


............... :rroulette:

PhIlLy ChEeSe 03-26-2013 07:48 AM


Originally Posted by Witchdoctor (Post 96985)

............... :rroulette:


I'm ready to zombify a few Video Cards!
I do need a GPU POT though...............:good:

MaadDaawg 03-26-2013 07:50 AM

Good work Bro :thumbsup:

Witchdoctor 03-26-2013 08:08 AM

man tht shit is so small i would go blind fixing lappy's .... :blink:

PhIlLy ChEeSe 03-26-2013 08:20 AM

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Notice the magnafiying glasses!

Kal-EL 03-26-2013 10:35 AM

This is gonna be a very handy thread for all those laptop curious people out there.
Its always nice to have someone else go where no noob has gone before.

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