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Originally Posted by Buckeye View Post
You could do that with my setup, using Radmin.

Not sure if those programs will work well on WHS OS tho. You would also need a better GPU than I use, I think anyway.

On the flip side, all files can be saved directly to the WHS and work off of that. Videos stream right off the WHS just fine, be it a Media file or a ISO that you mount. I have seen some setups where video is streamed right to your home media center and played on the big screen.
Coolness. I guess CS4 is a bad example but I think you get what I mean. As long as the server at hand is capable of handling the software it can be done. Guess it really wouldn't be such a smart idea though since you'd probably want Radmin on as few computers as possible. I guess I was thinking something more like remote desktop, but now I'm in way over my head.
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