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Default Thermaltake water 2.0 Pro review (duh)

Get the boring stuff out of the way
Linkie with specs:

Disclaimer: I am an overclocker, the only working computer in my house that is not in pieces is my wife's laptop which I am no longer allowed to lay hands on. I am no flow0ologist or thermal dynamics engineer but I do know how to beat on a cpu pretty well. I know and am good friends with an employee from thermaltake.
On that note I wouldnt risk my credibility for a sample of a water cooling kit!

Backstory:These days Im very sick of benching x79 to the point I have sold off all my gear, partially
because its all just sitting around collecting dust and mostly because ivy binning is kicking
my wallets ass. So many of us are finding that great air chips (sub 1.4v for 5ghz) are turning
out to be the best ln2 clockers. This is where the water 2.0 kicks in.

The mounting:Works great very simple. The studs on the backplate hold the backplate in place while you
flip the board back over. Everything is neatly labelled for the socket you are working with. The
mounting screws are attached to the pump so its easy to align and center for a nice mount. Also
it mounts easily even with eraser insulation covering the socket area which is priceless because
I switch back and forth verrry often. Also when binning ivy it only takes about 30's to dismount it
put a new chip in and throw it back together. It also stays out of the way when freezing mem, which is oh so important for someone like me that spends way to much time in low clock challenges.

Temps/Noise:Temps I have seen are about 5-6c lower while benching 32m than with thermalright
venomous-x with 3k push pull 120's which is very loud. Noise of the pump is non existant, and noise
of the rad fans is a whisper on full blast.

Durability:I bench at work and at home using the same setup and this is very mobile as opposed to
having a 120x2 rad that is loose. Most of the time I just toss the motherboard in my passenger seat
and everything has been fine. No loose tubes, no bends in the rad or leaks.

The tubes are just long enough to keep the rad out of my way but not too long that they flop all over when I want to transport the board home with it mounted.

Temps are going to depend on so many factors that for me to tell you what Im getting is close to irrelevant. As I said before load temps are a consistent 5-6c lower then my true and this thing is whisper quiet. Cant be too hot if it can pulls this off.

zOMG The name Thermaltake and water cooling mix like Aluminum and Copper around these parts. But that has changed. Any company that feels that overclocking is important enough to hire one on their staff is safe to say they are serious about helping the community. The company has changed for the better so flame away, I aint even mad tho.

I feel as though this is
a solid little cooler that is quieter and performs at lower temperatures than any air cooler without
the fuss of building a loop. I know alot of you take pride in building out your own loops and loosing
that one extra degree means everything to you...but in my case and many cases its not that way. This isnt
meant for you anways. I want something that doesnt need delta fans, 20 screws and springs to mount that
I will just loose and that doesnt require maintenance. If I have an hour to bench I want to be benching
during that hour. Also my wife will be very happy when I swap out the TRUE on my HTPC with another one of
these. Great little coolers.
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