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Default My Take On The Thermaltake WATER2.0 Extreme

Thermaltake WATER2.0 Extreme

First off the packaging looks to be done well so hopefully that will minimize shipping damage, and help assure an operational product when you receive it.

Everything you need to install the unit start to finish is included in the kit
The mounting hardware includes everything you need for multiple platforms.
Intel: LGA2011, LGA1366, LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA775
AMD: FM1, AM3, AM2+, AM2
The heat sink comes with pre applied TIM and it will be used for the test conducted in this review.

The Thermaltake software that comes packaged with the unit is a snap to set up and makes it easy to choose the preferred fan speeds for your needs.
Easy to navigate; you can set it up with predefined parameters or customize it to suit you specific needs.
The simple easy to read display of all the pertinent information is refreshing.
Today I will be testing the preset functions silent & extreme at various clock speeds. Where the rubber meets the road


To test the WATER2.0 Extreme out, I am using the Intel LGA1155 platform.

Test Bed:
Intel 3770K
Asus Maximus V Gene
G.Skill F3-2666C11D-8GTXD/PC3-21300
Samsung SSD 830 128GB
Corsair AX1200
MSI R6970
Thermaltake WATER2.0 Extreme

I will be using LinX0.6.4- Simply linpak to create the CPU loads for these tests. Hyper Threading also will be enabled for all tests.
This will give us a great barometer of 8 threaded 100% loads as well as maxing out the 8 GB of RAM @ 2666 MHz so we know the IMC is getting punished as well.

Silent Mode Idol 3.9 GHz:
Ambient Air Temperature = 17.2C
Average Fan Speed = 1283 RPM
Average Pump Speed = 3053 RPM
Average Coolant Temperature = 23.5
Max CPU Temp = 23C, 20C, 23C, 21C

Silent Mode 100% Load 3.9 GHz:
Ambient Air Temperature = 17.2C
Average Fan Speed = 1276 RPM
Average Pump Speed = 3051 RPM
Average Coolant Temperature = 25.3
Max CPU Temp = 54C, 56C, 55C, 51C

Extreme Mode Idol 3.9 GHz:
Ambient Air Temperature = 18.4C
Average Fan Speed = 2035 RPM
Average Pump Speed = 3063 RPM
Average Coolant Temperature = 23.3
Max CPU Temp = 22C, 21C, 22C, 21C

Extreme Mode 100% Load 3.9 Ghz:
Ambient Air Temperature = 18.4C
Average Fan Speed = 1980 RPM
Average Pump Speed = 3067 RPM
Average Coolant Temperature = 25.2
Max CPU Temp = 54C, 57C, 56C, 50C

As you can see there is no serious gain at stock speeds with the extreme setting over the silent, however keep in mind that ambient temperature was 1.2C above the ambient when testing the Silent mode.
So if you’re fighting for every degree the Extreme mode looks to grab you a degree or two.

Overclocking FTW:

I tried 4.6 Ghz with the silent mode and could not get it stable enough to run LinX for more than 35 minutes.
The temps were running in the mid 80’. Since I have been running it for about an hour for these tests I have disqualified the silent mode results at 4.6 GHz.
So as it turns out extreme mode really stretches its legs when overclocking, and the unit seems to have no problem at these clock speeds on the extreme setting.

Extreme Mode Idol 4.6 Ghz:
Ambient Air Temperature = 18.6C
Average Fan Speed = 2060 RPM
Average Pump Speed = 3063 RPM
Average Coolant Temperature = 23.7
Max CPU Temp = 29C, 29C, 31C, 28C

Extreme Mode 100% Load 4.6 Ghz:
Ambient Air Temperature = 19.3C
Average Fan Speed = 2028 RPM
Average Pump Speed = 3053 RPM
Average Coolant Temperature = 28.1
Max CPU Temp = 72C, 78C, 74C, 68C

Next I am going to put some aftermarket fans on the unit to see if there is a benefit to a push pull configuration.
Since I do not have any PMW fans handy I am just going to use some AOC Florescent fans I have on hand, they are 79 CFM eachwith no speed control.

Let’s see if these fans can help out a little, a lot or not at all ……….

Extreme Mode Idol 4.6 Ghz Push Pull Configuration:
Ambient Air Temperature = 18.9C
Average Fan Speed = 1948 RPM
Average Pump Speed = 3067 RPM
Average Coolant Temperature = 21.4
Max CPU Temp = 23C, 23C, 22C, 21C

Extreme Mode 100% Load 4.6 Ghz Push Pull Configuration:
Ambient Air Temperature = 18.9C
Average Fan Speed = 1957 RPM
Average Pump Speed = 3046 RPM
Average Coolant Temperature = 27.7
Max CPU Temp = 71C, 77C, 73C, 68C

Once again the results are negligible but a degree better than the single fans. So here it is again, if you are fighting for every degree the unit performs a degree better with a push pull configuration with fans that were used for this test.
Results may vary depending on the aftermarket fans used. Being the radiator does not have a real tight fin design it will lend itself to perform well with low speed fans as opposed to ridiculously loud high CFM fans.
No need for Deltas here.

Please keep in mind all temps are max temps not average read with Real Temp.
The unit across all tests performed admirably. The build quality of the components seems to be very good. The fans provided are adequate and up to the job and when in silent mode not audible over the video card.
On Extreme mode they are not obtrusively loud either, and much quieter than any air to air solution I have used with this type of performance.
The hoses and pump seem to be very sturdy and well built, at 12” in length they should be able to accommodate top of case mounting even on full towers. The mounting system was thought out well and is easy to install.
One thing I would like to see is the grommets that slide into the retaining ring to be marked with a contrasting color to make them easier to read. The pump has a slight churning noise that is audible in silent mode,
but quieter than my 655. The radiator provided is quite capable and the fin design lends itself to the use of lower speed fans. At a thickness of 36.5125mm the 240mm design delivers the goods.
The software provided is not earth shattering, it simply works very well and is easy to navigate.

To sum it up I have to say that Thermaltake has hit the mark with the WATER2.0 Extreme. Bringing a high performance water cooler to mainstream computing that is very easy to install,
No messing around filling coolant, purging bubbles or maintaining a loop is required. Easy mounting and everything you need is right in the box. (No more waiting for that fitting you forgot to order)
While this product may not appeal to the hard core water cooling crowd, it is a home run for people like me that neither have the time nor patience to maintain a custom loop but cannot do without top end performance,
Gamers who would rather be gaming than tinkering with a loop. From the enthusiast to the first time builder anyone can easily incorporate,
and reap the performance of cooling with water as well as minimizing the sound of an air to air heat sink. The WATER2.0 Extreme in my opinion may have made high performance air cooling obsolete,
and made water cooling reachable for anyone with a computer and mounting accommodations for the 240mm radiator.
Testing and looking over this product thoroughly, it is difficult to see many down sides to this unit; the price point for this kind of performance is more than fair and the quality is spot on.

Doctor Recommended ..........

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