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Default My Take on the Level 10M Gaming Mouse

TT LeveL 10M Gaming Mouse
First off the packaging is done well, Classy with their own innovative design, no heat molded plastic so I did not have to suffer any severe lacerations or trips to the emergency room for the a typical 4 stitches between my thumb and index finger. While unpacking it.

What do I get ?
1 - LeveL 10M gaming mouse
1 - Adjustment tool
1 - Dual pocket travel bag
1 - LeveL 10M driver disc
3 - Postcards, each one sporting a LeveL 10M image in each of the three available colors

Mouse's Features and Functions

1. Customized laser gaming mouse for RTS game type
2. Powerful 5700 DPI laser engine that can be used on almost any surface
3. ON-THE-FLY sensitivity multi resolutions: 100 to 5700 DPI
4. Store up to 40 Macro keys within 5 game profiles.
5. On board memory, plug and play while switching to different PC.
6. Graphical user’s interface for personalized macro keys, advanced performance and light options.
7. Polling rate switch button(125/500/1000Hz cycle)
8. Function Lock Button that can disable the function of side buttons.
9. Beneath side-light changed by clicking frequency during Battle mode. Up to 7 colors to built-up personal gaming atmosphere for scroll wheel, light pipes and Tt logo in Normal mode.
10. Pause-break lighting system on logo to engage to gaming atmosphere
11. Gold-plated USB connector is added to smooth the signal and data transmission.
12. On-Screen-Display design to indicate profile/function status.
13. Rubber coating finished to enhance hand grip for rapidly gaming movement
14. Weight-in design to get a perfect hand feeling for mouse movement.

Test Bed

Intel 3930K
MSI X79A-GD65 (8D)
16GB G.Skill 1866 DDR3
GTX580 MSI Lightning's
Samsung 830 128GB SSD
Creative Recon 3D sound
Windows 8

Enough with the formalities, plugging it in it was instantly recognized, Wow it lights up... By pressing the toggle straight down you can choose from Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow & White. Moving the same toggle front or back you are able to change the DPI on the fly, nice for running and gunning then laying low to snipe with high precision.

3D Steering
Right out of the gate you will be able to customize the feel with the included tool, you can lift or lower the back of the mouse easily finding the that sweet spot where your palm rests comfortably. It also has a has an adjustment to tilt the mouse to the right or left making it easy to get that fully customized feel.

The Included Software is pretty straight forward and easy to navigate. With 5 profiles five buttons and easy macro management the software makes it simple to customize settings for up to five games, Battle setting is pretty cool as the it reacts to the clicking frequency and lights up accordingly

After using this mouse for a few weeks now playing FarCry3. I have come to really like the customize feel I was able to achieve with the built in adjustability. That coupled with the precision of this unit makes for a great gaming experience. While is a very capable unit for daily desk top duties it really stretches it legs when in game. The holes in the top of the mouse does help reduce sweat however it does not eliminate it by any means. The buttons are very responsive and it took me a while to get the orientation down but in just a few days of use have come to like them for a quick knife kill or getting that grenade or smoky out quickly. The DPI/color toggle is a great feature. Although I think if it were a bit smaller it would help out as I found myself changing mouse speeds by accidentally hitting it every now and again due to its size and orientation. The overall build quality is very good and the mouse feels very tight, not wishy washy like some others I have used, the tracking is very tight and accurate, as a matter a fact the tightest tracking I have ever used & with 6' of rope it gives plenty of freedom to set your PC where ever you like it. I find myself liking this unit better every time I use it.

Thanks goes out to our local TT Representative for providing this review item

And if you don't have a TT Landon mouse pad. Flat out the best surface I have ever used bar none.

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