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Originally Posted by Witchdoctor View Post
same thing with LinX ?

temps decent ?

First thing I would try would be some different stix if above is 2 yes's
Yes with LinX but not near as bad. My hottest core temps are 73c. I very well could be ram, but it was chugging along at 2133 7-9-7 last time I had turned this rig on.

Originally Posted by Kal-EL View Post
Maybe your os is shot to shit? Or your stick is baddeeeee.
Could be. I'll try uninstalling SP1 laterz.

Originally Posted by Neuromancer View Post
Could be the OS...

Check ICH temps after stress testing it shouldnt rely on the ssds, but ICHs get worked hard with high speed SSDs especially in RAID0.. wouldnt think the stress testing would hit them but...

Also LLC maybe set to high?
LLC is set at lvl 1 so volts should be right around where they are set in bios. I haven't upped the ich volts but I did think about it. Then I didn't because I couldn't think of what would stress it. I'll try that for sure. How big of a bump usually? I do have all the ports filled up and two R0 arrays.
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