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Originally Posted by thebanik View Post
hahahahaha, very true for me too. Though I will add, wut we expected it to do rather than supposed to.
But that rush in adrenaline from the time you see the FPS shown are better than you have ever seen before to the final score to the time you are able to save it, is what really drives us.

Maybe OCM will be able to give his inputs, if its equal to or far lesser than driving fast race cars but Overclocking is the best way for me to get my adrenaline pumping. Though I dont think I have ever shown any outwards over-joyous reaction.
I'd like to just mention the heartbreak of 3DMark2003 getting thru serious pwnage FPS just to be killed by some homo troll AND NATURE RUNS ALL FRIGGIN DAY!
What kind of community do you intend to re-build?
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