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Originally Posted by Neuromancer View Post
In other words cheating. Like using a higher clock frequency and dropping cpu frequency to make the alloted clcok speed minimum.

In normal words, only one of 3 are going to win (we know who they are). As it is all about the tweaks. OCAers dont cheat, it would mean instant expulsion. Tweaking though is shared heavily and expect the top 20 to all be contenders at the bot for that GHz
Originally Posted by Neuromancer View Post

My benching board has an NF200 chip on it now.

My goal is to beat Ricks semp140 on my 890GX setup
Hoping he accepts the challenge for a win 7 HTPC ready OS bench. IE whatever you tweak spi for must still work as an HTPC.
whats so bad about the NF200? i keep on hearing it but never understood it
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