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Originally Posted by PhIlLy ChEeSe View Post
Very Nice man!
I was expecting to wait, was getting bummed out. Great work! Seeing as this is my first one, are there do's and don'ts? Like I assume its not good to run everyday, how will it handle a 6/12 core 2011? Great build log! Very Happy!!

Sure you can use it everyday. I personally wouldn't go 24/7 with anything freezing cold. No dos and don'ts about the phase unit. It's all about prepping your socket and motherboard. I believe Bill (Buckeye) has a great guide in this phase section. Prepping for phase is not as severe as prepping for LN2. Someone here at your forums can walk you through it. Six cores are pretty hot as I recall. Give it a shot and see what happens. The unit is built for 300 Watt. Not sure what the 6 cores crank out.

After an overnight vacuum and a triple evac I put the r-507 charge to it this morning. No load testing and tweaking of charge yet. Maybe later today. It does get cold though. Seems like a great cooler.

We got some smoke coming off the evap if you look closely

Strong charge

I prefer to strap the copper lines down to prevent damage during shipping and just plain use.

I still have some more insulation to do then some mesh and mounting. This will be day three since start. Not sure exactly how many hours I have in it. I'll have to do a punch clock on my next unit. More pics later.
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