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Originally Posted by Kal-EL View Post
Sry if i missed it but do you have to load WHS software on the machine that wants access to the server or is it built into all windows operating systems by mapping drives?
WHS comes with a Connector Disk that installs software on each machine that you want to have WHS backup.

You only need to install it on one machine tho., this gives you access to the WHS software on the server. What this does is allow you to create users, give permissions and generally manage the server it self.

What other machines you install connector on can then be configured to backed up on the WHS. So all your machines in the network can be backed up on WHS.

In case of a machine failure you insert the WHS Restore disk on that machine, it then goes to the WHS and finds the back up and reloads it.

After the connector software is installed you will see this Shared Folder on your desktop, it points to the WHS and allows you to transfer filies just like you would on anything thing else.

You could also bring up the same Shared Folder Icon through your Map Network Drive.

So to answer your question. You only need to install the connector software on one rig that will admin the server, and on the machines that you want to be backed up.

If you dont care about any backups and you run a program like I use "Radmin" then you dont need to install the connector software on any machine. The software is not very big and is pretty simple to use so its no biggie.
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