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Exclamation Registration Requirements

Registration Requirements:

-New registrants/members must have a unique, valid and true e-mail address.
-Multiple accounts are strictly prohibited.
-Must play well with others, including serious ragging and critisisms.
-Must have a referal, if u do not have a referral, register then send a private message to any of the admin, introduce yourself, state your intentions and politely request access. Acces MAY be granted and REVOKED at the discretion of the admin at any time. Registration temporarily WIDE OPEN, HURRY!
-Jackfruits need not apply- This is a private forum, if mischief is your magic you're gonna be embarrassed when its all said and done.
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Until you are provided access, you will not be able to view the entire content of this forum.

*This website employs over-zealous forum software that will delete new accounts that have 0 posts over a period of time* We'll do what we can to fight off this beast but its easier if you introduce yourself soon

Registration Link

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What kind of community do you intend to re-build?
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