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Originally Posted by PhIlLy ChEeSe View Post
Works Great, just no time lately. Not the kinda thing you wanna run daily, though you can.............

Just wanted to add, Ron's work is top notch! The unit holds fast at a steady -45 that's with a 3930K, my issue was I was trying to run it while the unit was even on top of the table. Unit need to be lower then where the head is bolted, I assume to make the separation up the neck. After a year I'm Very pleased with my price and the value for my money!!!

Wow, u have no idea how helpful that random comment is to me. You see....due to the short length of my cascade evap line, I have been using the cascade almost parallel but predominantly lower than the evap line since the git go. I always wondered why I couldnt get the amazing -116c or so temps the cascade has performed at and now the light of knowledge has shined upon me!!!!

I must rip the top deck off the cascade cart and reconfig to allow a tad bit lower mounting of motherboard. Won't be an easy fix as extending the evap line but its hopeful

Thanks bromango, much appreciated share there.
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