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Single Stage & Cascade Cooling Single & Multi Stage Phase Change...

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Old 03-19-2014
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runmc is just getting started

Thanks for the compliments guys. It's all about taking your time and having the right tools mostly. And a little experience. I like to post these detailed builds to give other people ideas on how it's done and also give the new owner the opportunity to see their new cooler being built. I learned a lot from looking at other peoples builds.
Here's a few more shots -

After I bolt the compressor on the deck, I like to run my discharge and liquid line. The discharge is the 1/4 tube going from the compressor to the condenser. The liquid line is the 1/4 tube going from the condenser to the filter/drier which in turn feeds the cap tube which runs to the evaporator.

Here they are brazed up.

Suction line is the flex line that goes from the evaporator back to compressor.

Everything is brazed up and I have it under pressure to see if there are any leaks. You use nitrogen to pressure test and purge with. Next I'll work on wiring.

250 psi pressure test

Wiring goody box

Wiring and switch done but I closed the cover. I'll open it up and get a picture of the wiring tomorrow.

I paint the copper to help keep it from oxiding and getting green and nasty, plus it looks a lot better.

More pictures tomorrow.

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