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Old 07-01-2012
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Default Vivi - Gigabyte UD5H Performance Test + VIDEOS

Hey guys and girls of Overclockaholics,

This is always my favorite forum to post on. Not only does the black theme make everything look nicer, it's the people that are the best. No jokes!

I've been blessed with the opportunity to show you the power and speed of the Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H.

I'm not gonna bore you with too much chit-chat so i'll jump straight into the pics and scores for you to see for yourself. I tried to make it a quick and easy read.

The board

I clocked up to a decent speed and compared the benchmark performance of the UD5H to a MSI GD65. I had no Asus board on-hand so could not add it in the mix.

Systems Used for benchmarks:

CPU: Intel 3770k
Mobo: Gigabyte UD5H versus MSI GD65
Memory: Team Xtreem LV 2600 CL10 2x4gb
GPU: MSI Gtx 580 Lightning Xtreme Edition

Both motherboards at identical settings:
CPU = 4.05ghz
Memory = 2700mhz cl9 -12 -12 -24 1T (Same sub-timings too)

UD5H - GD65


UD5H screenshot
GD65 screenshot


UD5H screenshot
GD65 screenshot


UD5H screenshot
GD65 screenshot


UD5H screenshot
GD65 screenshot

Superpi 1M

UD5H screenshot
GD65 screenshot


UD5H screenshot
GD65 screenshot

Superpi 32M - GD65
Could not get stable at these memory speeds

GD65 screenshot

Superpi 32M - UD5H

UD5H screenshot
GD65 screenshot

Aida64 Cache memory Bench

UD5H screenshot
GD65 screenshot


UD5H screenshot
GD65 screenshot

Conclusion of the above: Overall the Gigabyte board is a touch faster. The MSI board could keep my CPU stable at the same speeds and volts but struggled a bit with the memory but something the Gigabyte board is excellent with.

I did some further testing with the UD5H and decided to do some myth-busting.

Myth - Disabling Execute disable bit makes your 32M Faster
Myth - 3DMark01 Boost

I was surprised at the outcome, i did not expect this one:

On the left is Execute disable bit ENABLED and to the right DISABLED.


Myth 2, 3DMARK01 BOOST
On the left BOOST is Disabled. To the right ENABLED


And just out of personal interest sake i ran aquamark at
2cores no HT- 4 cores no HT- 4 cores 4 Thread

Thats it for the written part of this review.

How i feel: I feel very happy thanks for asking . Oh you mean how do i feel about the board? The board is excellent, to me it does everything i need for air overclocking, Memory and CPU. Overclocking is quick and easy, SO easy in fact that i made a few videos to show you how.

I have a video series called Going Subzero which consists of 4 videos to help you with you first overclocking session on liquid nitrogen. Lets not delay!

Going Subzero - Part 1/4 : Tools you will need

Going Subzero - Part 2/4 : Insulation

Going Subzero - Part 3/4 : Mounting and Prep

Going Subzero - Part 4/4 : Overclocking with LN2 on The Gigabyte UD5H

Bios Walkthrough

Overclocking Memory on Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H

Please Visit my channel and subscribe if you want to see more in teh future!

ViviOverclock - YouTube

you ln2 guys are sick - Splave 06-26-2009

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