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Want to Join the Overclockaholics Community? About Us & Registration Requirements...

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Old 03-08-2009
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Thank you for your interest in The Overclockaholics.com Community!

This is a pc performance technology, enthusiasts, gaming and overclocking site/forum. Members here have an insatiable thirst to make the various components of their computer system run at insane speeds thru Overclocking. We are first and foremost, addicted to overclocking.

Overclocking is the process of forcing a computer component to run at a higher clock rate (more clock cycles per second) than it was originally specified by the manufacturer to operate at. CPU, GPU, Chipset Processors are all increased to phenomenal percentages of its original specifications.

Overclockaholics.com hosts overclocking competitions, hardware giveaways, member rewards, and the prolific sharing of information and advice in a multitude of areas. Noobs and Experts, alike, feel right at home. All of it member driven. In addition, Overclockaholics provides pc game servers for members who like to use their new-found pc power to pwn the noobs of the world.

Our gaming servers go up and are dropped as game title popularity ebb and flow.

We're a close nit community that prefers the company of a few good folk over massively overcrowded communities where the small guys get swallowed up whole by the masses.

Please visit the Registration Requirements section to learn how you can become an Overclockaholic.

You admin staff:

Nub in Charge- Kal-EL

Admin Movers & Shakers- Drnip, OC Maximus

Wrangling Supermoderators- OCMAXIMUS -2 Chesapeakes

Sanity Moderators: Face, Patch,

In an effort to supplement my contributions to our members in the way of contest prizes and specialty events, I have monetized a few links on the sidebar as an affiliate.


Shopping thru the Amazon sidebar link provides a minor commission on purchases there.

Buying the must have Image For Dos by Terabyte Unlimited thru our sidebar link also generates a tiny commission.

Last but certainly not least, purchasing of Aida64, an gamer's and overclocker's best friend for system info and stability testing, provides another minor commission.

There are no other monetized advertisements on the forum to distract you.
Every other mention of a vendor/manufacturer is done as a thank you for past sponsorship's for contest prizes or support for our overclockers/gamers.
What kind of community do you intend to re-build?
tell me your sins and I'll sharpen my knife...(Take me to church)

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