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Single Stage & Cascade Cooling Single & Multi Stage Phase Change...

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Old 08-29-2011
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Question What's better?

Hi guys.

I'm buying a X4 955 for do some test and get some points and I want to know that is better for cooling this. I can use SS and Dry Ice, what can give me better temps and what is the max voltage than I can use with both of those?

Thanks for the help and answers

OC Nation
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Old 08-29-2011
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Not fimiliar with newer AMD CPU's, but you can check the CPUZ, SPI and Prime runs using thiose cooling metheods ay the bot, check out the SS and see what voltage's are being used for top spots. both thos cooling methods rock, but I am sure the top runs are using cold ........

Maybe Rich or Travis would have some better insight though

Best of luck................
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Old 08-29-2011
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Neuromancer might just be on to something hereNeuromancer might just be on to something here

LN2>DryIce/Cascade>Single Stage/chillwater>water/Air

Depending on where you live, water might be your best solution. 10% Antifreeze in the solution and drop the rad out the window on those subzero nights

Not a big difference between SS and cold water. Dice will get you a little better, LN2 is needed for the big push. (I have not used an SS, when I bench I look for SS cooled results and aim for them Be surprised how easy it is to beat them..

A Good SS will give you rear round performance, and properly tuned you wont get that sudden steep rise in temps when you pass the load rating

Just my 2C, some of the pros will have better more experienced answers for yah
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