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Old 06-06-2014
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We'll have to ask Allen why 8 Pack did not run an SPi 32m. I thought he fried something major and ran out of time before he could get set up again ???

I too thought they would do a better job of covering the event?

But it's all Good, Allen is the World champion, big congrats bro

Gotta love the 10K , couple of trays of Devils Canyon fun
You don't need a reason to help people
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Old 06-06-2014
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Thanks guys. Was a fun time benching on stage. A lot of operation behind the scenes and some solid strategy. No need to run fire strike over stock clocks just needed to complete it to get my one point.

8pack ran Mem cpuz so long because who ever win that stage would win it all. No way could he beat me in 32m I'm too fast. And no way do I have a 2000mhz 780ti for fire strike. He had a pi setup to just run stock and get one point but he needed to beat my Mem speed first which he didn't.

Time to relax now and enjoy

Thanks for all the support guys,means more than any dollar amount!
2nd place in SPi32m

Originally Posted by Vivi View Post
when those trolls start making love your VGA has no chance!

Last edited by Splave; 06-06-2014 at 02:24 PM.
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Old 06-06-2014
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Yes, enjoy the win because you earned it!
All I could say about how they are handling the outcome is because it's legit and they know it.
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Old 06-06-2014
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I lolled at the one comment... "Go Sprave!"
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Old 06-07-2014
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Originally Posted by GFDuke View Post
What I can't believe is the lack of promotion on the part of HWBot. Not only did they do a lame congrats to Splave..... they had to mention 8Pack (who imo is a douchebag) put up a good fight. Which he didn't he didn't even make a Super pi submission. He totally lamed out. But like I said not even close to a good promotion for such a good askicking. If it was a euro winner there would be all kind of Pictures and ranting about it at HWBot. Unless they plan on something later on. But still........
Totally agree with everything said here.

Way to shove it up their ass Al. You are the king.
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