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OC Maximus 09-12-2015 12:02 PM

Killah Chillah (SCCA)
(SCCA: Self Contained Chilling Apparatus)

Working on a few upgrades and bolting the good ole chiller to a plank. Added a second fan for more efficiency (push/pull).

Hopefully I can get her all done and ready to rock & roll in the next few days.

Just in time for the Sandy Bridge Challenge. :thumbsup:






Buckeye 09-12-2015 12:15 PM

That looks familiar :)

Good to see you are still using that.

Kal-EL 09-12-2015 01:24 PM

Yah, my Ln2 contact at airgas left to work on a farm :X wtf?
So we're forced to rely heavily on phase cooling till we can find another economic Ln2 source. So far not so good.

Buckeye 09-12-2015 01:27 PM

Oh that sucks :(

Hope you can get that thing going real cold.
When Jinu <spits on the ground> made that for me it was for 24/7 use and no temps below ambient so it would frost up.

I think the charge just needs to be readjusted to make it colder.

OC Maximus 09-12-2015 01:39 PM

Oh yeah, its a stout little thing. A lot of fun to play with. The lowest I've got it down to was -22 with a mix of methanol and antifreeze.

Added a 300w psu to run the fans, pump and inline thermometer.

Everything is mounted and in place. All that's left is cleaning up the wiring and insulating.


Buckeye 09-12-2015 02:01 PM

WOW big improvement !

Kal-EL 09-12-2015 03:53 PM

Coming along Chief. :thumbsup:

OC Maximus 09-12-2015 04:57 PM

Thanks! Oh what fun....

Cleaned up the wiring a bit. All Molex and fan connections are accessible and removable, as required. QDC's added for flexibility when plumbing .

Also, removed the AMD mount from the Koolance CPU-360 and cleaned the waterblock. Had a few floaties in there. :)
Installed the Intel mount, and by the looks of it, its going to be a real pain in the arse to insulate properly. :blink:




Kal-EL 09-12-2015 05:18 PM


Buckeye 09-12-2015 05:47 PM

In its first life it looked like this ;)

Taken March 16th 2009 ;)


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